zoom-res / booking engine

Licensed Booking Engine (reservation system) for on-line offer and sale of accomodation through own web pages of the accomodation service (Hotel, Pension).

Description of booking system zoom-res:

  • fully administrated system for modern hotel management
  • booking takes place through inserting chosen term of accomodation and finding of available free capacities in the real time
  • choice from the offer of the types of rooms
  • choice of accompanying services
  • packages of services 
  • special events
  • on-line booking form with contact information of the client
  • operator and editor is always the given accomodation
  • booking confirmation will come after the booking is completely finished 
  • mutual compatibility with zoom-letter, zoom-driver
  • google analytics statistics and measurement of conversions


For more information contact marek,virtual-zoom,cz,Marek Brabec

Ing. Marek Brabec
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