zoom-brand / brand tool

Licensed software (Brand tool), communication tool for administration and mutual synchronization of content (texts, photos, etc.). Among different data repositories. E.g. in case of e-shops among their stock, accounting system and e-shops (one or more if necessary).

Description zoom-brand:

interface for editing

  • of texts
  • translation
  • export/import in a simple text form (CSV and including all given parametres, e.g. for a catalogue)
  • product and parameter filtration
  • profile net for further marketing – e.g. articles and pictures for journalists

independent repository of product photos

  • loading + photo administration
  • photo profile – basic information
  • delete
  • modification
  • search
  • export of links for partners
  • generating of four kinds of photo sizes (preview, middle, large (1600px), original)
  • publication active/non-active
  • sharing
  • history of editing

For more information contact marek,virtual-zoom,cz,Marek Brabec

Ing. Marek Brabec
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