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    Printed catalogues, brochures and all printed materials
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    and at the same time connected interactively
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08. 09. 2017 Hotel Windsor

We have created a new responsive web site for **** Wellness Hotel Windsor in Špindlerův Mlýn. The web provides clients with complete information on accommodation, services and leisure opportunities and offers their clients a variety of stay packages.

19. 06. 2017  - the new web for all hotels from group Special Tours - Art Deco Imperial, Art Nouveau Palace, COSMOPOLITAN, Metropol, Astoria and Ambiance. 

12. 06. 2017 Hotel Astoria Prague

We have prepared new responsive web sites for Hotel Astoria Prague. The sites have two color variations. We test them by using Google AB test.

22. 05. 2017 VIP CLUB

New web sites of company VIP CLUB include one corporate web and two web sites: Casino Ambassador and Casino Panorama. Web sites provide e.g. rules of offered games.


02. 05. 2017 Manutan - e-catalogue

Company Manutan has a new e-catalogue of goods for year 2017.

07. 04. 2017 Grand Hotel Bohemia

We have prepared new responsive website for Grand Hotel Bohemia, a luxury five star hotel in the center of Prague. You can visit it here.


27. 03. 2017 Cafe Rudolfinum

The new responsive website we made to reopened Cafe Rudolfinum. A simple concept of the Menu were created by the Zátiší Group chefs.

02. 01. 2017 Restaurant Signature

New original Restaurant Signature in Hotel Victory Brno: Enjoy the time together with your family. 

20. 12. 2016 Spa Hotel Děvín

New website we made for the Spa Hotel Děvín in Mariánské Lázně. It is a responsive template that may be prepared within a few weeks after the delivery of documents.



24. 10. 2016 Hotel Victory Brno

Newly renovated Hotel Victory Brno has a new fully responsive website.

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24. 10. 2016 Hotel Victory Brno

Newly renovated Hotel Victory Brno has a new fully responsive website.

13. 10. 2016 LOS reality

Real estate agency LOS reality offers propertiers on its new web. Information about properties are downloaded to the web automatically every day.

15. 09. 2016 Grand hotel Praha

The new responsive website we created for Grand Hotel Praha - four-star hotel in the Old Town Square. Original design reflects the atmosphere of this hotel with an unique historical rooms.
Individual blocks of photos and short texts are solved using Content block, which is a new interface for content management.

30. 08. 2016 News on the web of software zoom-letter®

For our clients: we prepared samples of zoom-letter® modules.
For hotels IT technicians: there are now available detailed information about the possibilities of interconnection of zoom-letter® with PMS (Fidelio, Protel, Hores etc.)


10. 08. 2016 Orea Hotels&Resorts - e-mailing

For hotels group Orea Hotels&Resorts we have prepared new modul Pre stay and Post stay e-mails. At the same time we have prepared an interface to import clients from PMS Opera to CMS zoom-driver, import data is automatically 1x per day.

08. 07. 2016 zoom-letter® - software for customer relationship management

We introduce our newly developed software for customer database - zoom-letter®. Software is used for sending newsletters and their statistic analysis. It enables synchronization with reservation and POS systems, automated distribution of pre- and post- stay emails, birthday greetings etc. Higher versions include also on-line check-in and loyalty program. zoom-letter® is offered in three versions: Standard, Business and Professional. The system is designed for a wide range of customers. In cooperation with company Bookassist will be offered to hotels in the Czech Republic and abroad.

30. 06. 2016 Art Nouveau Palace Hotel Prague

Art Nouveau Palace Hotel Prague has now a new modern website that graphically follows the sister hotel Art Deco Imperial. Information about accommodation are complemented by floorplans and virtual tours. The long tradition of the hotel is presented in section History, where several historical artefacts are used.

15. 06. 2016 Gala Hotels - corporate website

For the company Gala Hotels we made corporate website which represents not only hotels of the Gala Hotels group, but inform us with various services and special offers. Part of both websites is developed by us booking engine called zoom-res for direct booking from hotel websites.

13. 06. 2016 E-shops Orea

For the company Orea Hotels & Resorts we prepare separate eshops for the sale of gift vouchers on websites of individual hotels.
Clients can choose between stay, value and service vouchers. Finished eshops are running on the websites of these hotels: Horizont, Sklář, Horal, Bohemia, Palace Zvon, others will follow.

08. 06. 2016 H&Hotels

For the hotel chain H&Hotels we have prepared a new corporate website + 8 hotel sites in an unified design. In Prague it is eg. Hotel Belvedere, Elysee or Appia, outside Prague Romantic hotel Mlyn Karlstejn. All sites are responsive and use for editing our CMS system (including plug-ins for editing details of rooms, special offers etc.) 

02. 05. 2016 La Republica

We introduce new responsive web site of restaurant La Republica in Prague.

16. 03. 2016 Hotel Julián

Fresh new website we have launched for hotel Julian. The Web is responsive, and users will find all the information about the hotel and its services.

02. 03. 2016 SKY BOX tickets

Are you interested in VIP tickets to the O2 Arena ? You are welcome to SKY BOX (closed comfortable lounge with a wide range of food and drink for free). Tickets can be booked directly via the new site

22. 02. 2016 Prague Residences

The new responsive website we made for Prague Residences. The company operates seven comfortably and modern residences in the historic center of Prague. The overall impression is enhanced not only pictures but also video with the motto, which is located on the home page.
Each page of the Residence clearly shows the individual apartments, including equipment, prices, the number of people. Editing and administration is simple thanks to the plug-in Residences/Amenities.


18. 02. 2016 David Cronenberg / Evolution

For an unique exhibition of David Cronenberg / Evolution we prepared a special website: with alive flies.

15. 02. 2016 Chateau Monty SPA Resort

For the company Gala Hotels we have launched another new website, this time for their new hotel Chateau Monty SPA Resort ****. Web structure is identical with the website of the Excelsior Hotel. Part of both websites is developed by us booking engine called zoom-res for direct bookings on hotel websites.

11. 01. 2016 WEB Art Deco Imperial Hotel = new concept + zoom photo

For our client Art Deco Imperial Hotel we have prepared a new website including a new responsive design. Web presents unique atmosphere of the historic building, luxury amenities and services of the highest level.
There are used high-quality photos with zoom effect. Standard information about accommodation is complemented by virtual tours and floorplans, offer of conference facilities, the possibility of direct bookings etc. For history lovers there is also available an e-catalogue with a historical brochure.

19. 11. 2015 OREA - database

For the company OREA HOTELS & RESORTS we launched a new Client Database version 3.0. New Database and newsletter system is ready for all hotels of the OREA HOTELS & RESORTS chain. In the Database is overview of the campaign, statistics of sent and opened emails, client groups and more.

19. 10. 2015 zoom-res - hotel Excelsior

Our booking engine zoom-res we launched at the website of hotel Excelsior in Marianske Lazne.

01. 10. 2015 SILVINI - e-shops

Sportswear manufacturer of functional clothing SILVINI has new separate e-shops for the following countries: UK, Germany, Poland and Slovakia will be added soon. All e-shops are made by us and centrally managed and synchronized in one system called zoom-brand which we have developed for our clients.

10. 08. 2015 Database system for hotel Seven Days

For hotel Seven Days we prepared and launched a new version of client database - 3.0. The database is automatically synchronized with the hotel reservation system. It offers sending newsletters and operates PRE and POST STAY STAY e-mailing and other e-commerce tools. There is a system for sending newsletters, including PRE and POST STAY e-mailing and other e-commerce tools.

13. 07. 2015 OREA e-shop

For the company Orea Hotels&Resorts we launched the E-shop, which is used to purchase gift vouchers for any hotels of the Orea Hotels&Resorts. E-shop is an interactive and clients may choose how the gift voucher will looks like, but also write own text, wishes etc.

07. 07. 2015 Navimedia

For media agency Navimedia we created a new responsive site. The web is an interactive and playful as well as the agency Navimedia.

01. 07. 2015 Blue Orange

We have implemented our booking engine zoom-res for another hotel - this time it's Blue Orange Business Resort Prague.

17. 06. 2015 Hotel Green Garden

New web of Green Garden hotel in Prague was realized as a fully responsive, in our graphic design.

12. 06. 2015 Orea Hotels&Resorts

We would like to introduce the newly launched project for Orea Hotels & Resorts. In the first stage, we produced 15 sites in responsive design. The main emphasis is on clarity, simplicity, visual perception and experience.
Corporate website offers an overview of the company's hotels by location and orientation,  brings together Special offers and packages various hotels and offers gift vouchers.
Individual hotel websites are graphically and structurally identical, the differences are in photos and text.

New website we made for these hotels:
Hotel Pyramida Praha, Hotel Voroněž Brno, Hotel Voroněž II Brno, Resort Santon Brno, Resort Sklář Harrachov, Resort Horal Špindlerův Mlýn, Spa Hotel Monty Mariánské Lázně, Spa Hotel Palace Zvon Mariánské Lázně, Spa Hotel Bohemia Mariánské lázně, Hotel Anglický Dvůr Mariánské Lázně, Resort Horizont Šumava, Hotel Špičák Šumava, Resort Devět Skal Vysočina, Hotel Atrium Otrokovice.

10. 06. 2015 E-shop SILVINI

We introduce a completely new responsive e-shop of company SILVINI. The e-shop is connected to the warehouse system Byznys and is synchronized with the newly developed database system "zoom-brand". The database system also provides product information about all products for corporate web and other e-shops SILVINI in countries outside the Czech Republic. 

25. 05. 2015 Hotel Ambiente

For a new hotel Ambiente in the city center, we have designed and programmed a responsive website. Its visitors are efficiently guided to information on accommodation and booking.

18. 05. 2015 Hotel Seven Days

We launched a new web presentation of Hotel Seven Days in Prague. It is a fully responsive site with an appealing graphical breakdown. Web is prepared in seven languages, and to the maximum extent editable through the CMS.

11. 05. 2015 El Toro Negro

We prepared a new website for El Toro Negro - a stylish steak restaurant in the historic centre of Prague.

07. 05. 2015 Historic Centre Apartments Prague

Completely new website we made for Historic Centre Apartments Prague providing comfortable accommodation in the historic center of Prague. The new website is responsive and is a combination of full-screen view and one page (scroll down motion).

10. 04. 2015 Hotels Veba and Manor House

For hotel Veba and Manor House in Broumov we produced two new responsive web pages. Both sites are graphically identical and provide enough information about the services offered. For both hotels we have also created virtual tours and prepared the database and newsletter system for distributing newsletters.

02. 04. 2015 E-catalogue Mountfield 2015

E-catalogue Mountfield 2015 is online - you can choose goods from the comfort of your home.

05. 03. 2015 Kidney calculator - BBraun

Company BBraun presents its kidney calculator, where you can test condition of your kidneys. 

20. 02. 2015 Café Cupucino

We introduce a new website of café Cupucino in Prague 4 - Brumlovka.

27. 01. 2015 KAVERO Audit CZ

New website we created for audit and accounting company KAVERO Audit CZ, s.r.o. It is a single page and you will find here all the information about the services offered by this company.

20. 01. 2015 Database system for Grand Hotel Prague

We provide a database system for Grand Hotel Prague. The system is connected to reservation system HORES, so the database have emails of all hotel guests available for sending newsletters or PRE and POST mails.


13. 01. 2015 Bárka Gutovka Fun Park Restaurant

Restaurant Bárka Gutovka is situated in Prague 10 - Strašnice, in the middle of fun park Gutovka. This family restaurant is a member of Gastro Group so its new website is linked to websites of its other sister restaurants.

02. 01. 2015 E-catalogue Greece Tours

E-catalogue of travel agency Greece Tours is available on-line for all visitors of its website.

08. 12. 2014 Restaurant Profesní dům

For restaurant Profesní dům located in historical centre of Prague we designed a new website. It is a fullscreen web with photos presenting both interior and some of the offered specialities.

03. 11. 2014 The Dutch Pub

We present the website of a new restaurant from Gastro Group - The Dutch Pub

06. 10. 2014 E-catalogues for Facebook pages

Our e-catalogues can be used also on Facebook company pages. For inspiration: FB Savoy Westend Hotel or FB Euronics ČR.

17. 09. 2014 Diana Company Ltd. – „The Empire of Nuts“

New full-screen web was launched for Diana Company Ltd. – „The Empire of Nuts“. Diana company is a direct importer and distributor of dried fruits, nuts, seeds, a complete assortment of coated dried fruits and nuts, and candy of the highest quality from all around the world.

08. 09. 2014 Sport & Fun

For our client Zátiší Group, for its Catering Division, we have created a new web Sport & Fun Catering. Sport & Fun specialises in sports and entertainment events in the Czech Republic and Europe.

03. 09. 2014 Moving of our server to DC Tower !

In the night 4.9./5.9.2014 will be moved our dedicated servers from the data center Sitel (CeColo) into the data center of Czech Radio. DC Tower is located under the Zizkov tower (FB, G+) in Prague and meets the highest technological and safety standards, including Czech peering node NIX.CZ. During the moving (provided by our partner company Active 24) the services of our dedicated servers will be not available (for about 2-3 hours).
We apologize for this temporary outage.

18. 08. 2014 e-shop Nuada

Fashion e-shop for young people NUADA was launched today. A purely Czech producer with a completely original type of clothing under the brand Nuada. We are pleased that we are at the birth of a completely new Czech brand, but also all the photos are from our production!

15. 08. 2014 e-shop Fotr Fashion

In cooperation with SmartEvents (graphic layout) we have created and launched e-shop for womenswear wholesale company


04. 08. 2014 Hotel Aurus

We created the new full-screen web for Aurus hotel in Prague. The emphasis is on visual perception, each section contains a minimum of text. For the hotel Aurus we are preparing a new reservation system, which should be launched in November 2014.

30. 07. 2014 E-catalogue Petrklíč

We prepared the new e-catalogue for company Petrklíč which introduces fashion for autumn 2014.

03. 07. 2014 Virtual-tours

From our new virtual-tours we choose: ZOO Hodonín and Hotel Iron Gate.

09. 06. 2014 Archibald hotels Prague

We present new website of Archibald hotels Prague.

22. 05. 2014 Gastro Group

Company Gastro Group has a new web presenting all its business activities.

14. 05. 2014 E-shop Spodní prádlo

For comfortable purchase of underwear, you can now use the new e-shop Spodní prádlo.

07. 05. 2014 Salon Hattrick

For newly opened hair and beauty Salon Hattrick in Prague Zabehlice we created a simple single page, which lists all the information about the offered services.

24. 04. 2014 Microsite for hotel application

We introduce the microsite for hotel application of Grand Hotel Prague. You find there all important information.

17. 04. 2014 panoraMIC

Luxury apartments in Tatra Mountains panoraMic has the new website with high quality photos.

03. 04. 2014 Vlasová kosmetika Hana

The new web Vlasová kosmetika Hana offers high quality hair care products.

28. 03. 2014 Apartment Hrabice

New web Apartment Hrabice offers accommodation with wellness in the Bohemian Forest.



12. 03. 2014 virtual-zoom - Google Partner

Pleased to announce that virtual-zoom became a certified Google Partner as we proved professional knowledge od Google products. Our clients will have also benefit from our new partnership - we are now closer to Google innovations. 

10. 03. 2014 Vip Club a.s.

For company Vip Club a.s. (the company operates Casinos Ambassador and Panorama) we have created new web. You can find out information about the games, rules, special offers etc. there.

07. 03. 2014 Our web:

Our new web presents various e-catalogues produced in virtual-zoom. The web also introduces all functions and technical options of the e-catalogues.


03. 02. 2014 Tim Burton

For fans of Tim Burton, but not only for them, we have good news - the new web "The World of Tim Burton" is
on-line. This web is linked to the forthcoming exhibition of the American director, screenwriter, poet and artist.
The exhibition will take place in Prague at the Stone Bell House in the period from 28.3. - 3.8.2014.

30. 01. 2014 Cafe 80’s

New web for new eighties-inspired café-restaurant & club in downtown Prague - Cafe 80’s - is on-line. This web has also its mobile version.

14. 01. 2014 zoom-light

The new web presetns our special photographic method: zoom-light.

02. 01. 2014 PF 2014

Happy New Year !
Photos from our Christmas party are available on our Facebook or Google+ page.

19. 12. 2013 Hotel Metropol

We introduce new design of the website: Design Metropol Hotel Prague.

22. 11. 2013 Manutan - e-catalog

Manutan is the largest e-catalog realized this year. Total number of pro-links in this e-catalog reached the number of 20,000. This e-catalog can be configured by the client to the various forms - such as browsing with music, scrolling through the goods with various sounds, displaying with thumbnails turned on or turned off. Catalog is also provided with internal pro-links. They refer directly from the list of goods to the relevant e-catalog page.

07. 11. 2013 Mobile application for hotels

We prepared a new marketing tool for hotels - mobile hotel application. The application will make the whole stay in hotel more comfortable and easier.

24. 10. 2013 Hotel Angelis

We introduce the new web of hotel Angelis in Prague. Web was created in a classical style.

04. 10. 2013 Interview with CEO

Blog dealing with webs and webhosting published the interview with CEO of virtual-zoom s.r.o. which celebrates 10 years of existence.

16. 09. 2013 Cafe Bar Grill Ezop

New website of Cafe Bar Grill Ezop Karlštejn is on-line.

05. 09. 2013 Nakhodka Seafood

Nakhodka Seafood s.r.o.  - a wholesale frozen fish supplier - presents its products on the new website.

26. 08. 2013 Otto - e-catalogue

We prepared a new e-catalogue Otto - Autumn/Winter 2013.

19. 08. 2013 Hotel Palace

We designed and launched the new website for one the most comfortable hotels in Prague - Art Nouveau Palace Hotel.

22. 07. 2013 Šumava Inn

We launched a new website for hotel Šumava Inn. This single-page is based on the rich and playful graphics. It is associated with the Šumava nature and closely corresponds with an interesting and unusual interior design at the hotel Šumava Inn.

15. 07. 2013 DESK-FORM

New full screen web DESK-FORM provides standard information and e-catalogues with a complete range of goods. Virtual-tours offers a virtual visit through the production facilities and are supplemented by maps. The visitors can also use 3D configurator to select combinations of materials for two 3D models of kitchens.

28. 05. 2013 Cigar Club Cohiba Atmosphere

We have programmed new web for Cigar Club Cohiba Atmosphere in Prague.

26. 05. 2013 Silvini

Brand website for the brand Silvini (partner of MTB representation team) is closely connected with e-shop. It enables mutual exports between e-shop and brand site.

18. 05. 2013 virtual-zoom & I/O 2013 San Francisco

Our senior apps developer was a participant at Google I/O 2013 in San Francisco. The conference was very professional and showed new possiblities.

13. 05. 2013 Top Hotel Praha

For one of the largest congress hotels in Europe - Top Hotel Praha - we prepared new website (full screen web).

15. 04. 2013 Krčma u Ezopa

Krčma u Ezopa from H&Hotels group presents its new website.

10. 04. 2013 virtual-zoom - new website

virtual-zoom s.r.o. has its new website.

29. 03. 2013 La Bodeguita del Medio - Budapest

Well known restaurant La Bodeguita del Medio Budapest has atmosphere of old Havana. virtual-zoom has programmed the new website.

21. 03. 2013 Klaus v.o.s.

We prepared a new web for company Klaus v.o.s. We have chosen single-page layout.

11. 02. 2013 OpenOne

The new presentation for company OpenOne was launched today. The web is created as a combination of Single-Page and classical web.
Single-Page form was used for the first three items of the main menu (Home, Aplikace and Konzultace). Other sections (Novinky, Reference and Kontakt) are designed as a classical website.

17. 12. 2012 Hotel Sunrise

For website My House Travel we prepared new web directory and section Hotel Sunrise.

06. 12. 2012 Hotel Mlýn Karlštejn

New web for Hotel Mlýn Karlštejn from the group H&Hotels is on-line.

07. 11. 2012 Hotel Panorama

We produced new web presentation for our client from Karlovy Vary - Hotel Panorama. The client can use several plug-ins, e.g. slidemanager, newsletter and database.

19. 10. 2012 Restaurant Mlýn Karlštejn a Amour Hotel Residence.

Next websites from H&Hotels Group were handed over to the owner: Restaurant Mlýn Karlštejn, Amour Hotel Residence, Hotel Markéta, Hotel Kavalír a Elysee Apartments.

08. 10. 2012 Article about virtual-zoom

An article about virtual-zoom was today released by Business - one of the most important websites focused on IT business.

05. 10. 2012 Luxury restaurants Zátiší Group

We have designed and programmed 6 modern websites for the chain of luxury restaurants Zátiší Group. Specifically restaurants V Zátiší, Bellevue, Mlýnec, Žofín Garden and web sites Zátiší Group and Fresh & Tasty. We have also incorporated virtual tours that allow visitors to go virtually through the restaurants and look forward to their atmosphere.

04. 10. 2012 Hotel Ariston and Hotel Mlýn Karlštejn

The new websites for Hotel Ariston (member of H&Hotels Group) is on-line.

27. 09. 2012 La Casa Argentina - Fast Grill - Melantrichova and Smíchov

We launched new websites for La Casa Argentina - Fast Grill, both for branch Melantrichova and Smíchov. The websites are with full screen view and have plug-in slidemanager for editing photos displayed in the backround. 

24. 09. 2012 Appia Hotel Residences

New web presentation for Appia Hotel Residences from H&Hotels Group was designed as full screen web.

10. 09. 2012 Hotel Elysee

Hotel Elysee (a member of H&Hotels Group) has the new website. The homepage introduces the atmosphere of the hotel due to high quality photos and contains clear solution of web navigation.

07. 09. 2012 Panský Dvůr Dolní Počernice

News of this week – website Panský Dvůr Dolní Počernice, where you find Restaurant Léta Páně and Pizzeria Al Mulino. This web was realized as a full screen web.

06. 08. 2012 Hotel Belvedere

We launched the first new website for H & HOTELS Group – Hotel Belvedere. Homepage is realized in the form of the full-screen web using modern design with high quality photographs.

09. 07. 2012 Casino Atrium

We designed and developed web presentation for Casino Atrium.

02. 07. 2012 Evo Stores

New web presentation for NIKE - Evo Stores Shops is on-line.

22. 06. 2012 Grand Hotel Praha

We have programmed new website for Grand Hotel Praha.

30. 05. 2012 Pórobeton Ostrava

We present website of the company Pórobeton Ostrava.

24. 05. 2012 PCX Club

Honda PCX has new website for its presentation: PCX Club

21. 05. 2012 Resturant Oliva Verde

New web for restaurant Oliva Verde was handed over to the client.

15. 05. 2012 Hotel Seven Days

Unique Boutique hotel Seven Days in the center of Prague took over its new website created by virtual-zoom.

10. 05. 2012 zoom - LIGHT will literally make your photos shine

We offer you entirely unique photographs of your hotel, restaurant or any other space in exceptional quality. All photos are taken using a special method called zoom – LIGHT, which guarantees each individual interior has its own unique background lighting. In comparison to conventional methods of photography, the lighting here is guaranteed to be precise and effective in each part of the photographed area. With zoom – LIGHT, your photos will be unique. Your spaces will reach a higher aesthetic level with our photography.

04. 05. 2012 Hotel Eroplan

Our branch virtual-zoom Rožnov Radhoštěm launched the website for one of the most luxurious hotels in the region - Hotel Eroplán.
This is again the fullscreen site that automatically adjusts the monitor screen size. Our licensed content management system zoom-driver enables comprehensive management of the site owner (editing text, photos, SEO, etc.). One of the many plug-ins is a new system for creating newsletters.
Web pages are available in a mobile version for smart phones and of course are optimized for tablet devices such as iPad and others. Do not miss the virtual tour of the hotel, which was photographed by our photographer. Visitors will also appreciate a fullscreen gallery.

18. 04. 2012 Café Mozart

Restaurant and Café Mozart took over its new websites.

16. 04. 2012 Cloud 9

Look at the website of sky bar & lounge of Hotel Hilton Prague: Cloud 9.

12. 04. 2012 AnyDay Apartments

New residence AnyDay Apartments in Prague with new websites by virtual-zoom.

27. 03. 2012 Art Deco Imperial Hotel

Art Deco Imperial Hotel - a luxury 5star hotel in Prague has new web presentation. It is full screen web with full screen gallery as well.

19. 03. 2012 E-catalogues Baťa and Petrklíč

From our regular production of e-catalogues we select the new catalogue for Baťa and catalogue of ladies clothing Petrklíč

13. 03. 2012 Hotel Prometheus

Hotel Prometheus presents to its clients via new website created by virtual-zoom.

12. 03. 2012 Pension Hattrick

We present new websites for Pension Hattrick in Prague.

27. 02. 2012 X interiers and studio X

Companies X interiers and studio X have now new websites created by virtual-zoom. 

23. 01. 2012 Hotel Julian - mobi.

We designed and developed mobile web for Hotel Julian.

21. 12. 2011 DeDalo

We prepared new website for real estate company DeDalo. The website includes current portfolio of properties.

20. 12. 2011 Archibald hotels Prague

New websites for Archibald hotels Prague and its hotels Archibald City and At the Charles Bridge are in operation.

19. 12. 2011 Hotel Liliová and Hotel Trinidad

Hotel Liliová and Hotel Trinidad - two hotels situated in the heart of historical centre of Prague have new websites.

05. 12. 2011 La Casa Argentina - steak restaurant

Our client La Casa Argentina - one of the most popular steak restaurant in Prague, a member of Gastro Group - presents its new website.

18. 11. 2011 Hotel Tatra Velké Karlovice

We introduce the new website of Hotel Tatra Velké Karlovice. This is again a full-screen view. Used photographs were taken by our photographer. Another of the innovations is a fullscreen slideshow. It allows full view of hotel photos using the button in the upper right corner of the site.

03. 10. 2011 Restaurant Krčma U Ezopa

New website "Krčma U Ezopa" - enjoy this restaurant near Karlštejn.

12. 09. 2011 Grill restaurant Mlýn Karlštejn

A stylish fish restaurant has new websites: 

25. 08. 2011 Hotel Leonardo - virtual tours

360° virtual tours for Hotel Leonardo (both exterior and interior):

22. 08. 2011 Hotel Clement

Hotel Clement took-over its new website .

18. 08. 2011 LETOV AIR

New website for private company LETOV AIR s.r.o. is available .

15. 08. 2011 Hotel Julian

We created new website for our client Hotel Julian


21. 07. 2011

New website was created as "full screen view" - website is always displayed across the whole width of each type of monitor.

18. 07. 2011 SEO audit

We finished SEO audit of all our clients websites. The clients will be informed about the results and will obtain list of recommended improvements.

01. 07. 2011 Svatopluk Sulek

New web of Czech painter Svatopluk Sulek was given over to the client

14. 06. 2011 UBYTOVNY.CZ

New web for group CPI Hotels  was given over to the client. The web is used for presentation of lodginghouses in the Czech Republic.

06. 06. 2011 zoom-driver - CMS software

zoom-driver® developed by virtual-zoom has a new web

18. 05. 2011 Hotel Kahan

Hotel Kahan in Horní Bečva handed over its new web sites

13. 05. 2011 Hotel Mesit

New web site for Hotel Mesit in Horní Bečva was given over to the client

28. 04. 2011 The Honorary Consuls Association - Czech Republic (HCA)

The new website was given over to the client

08. 04. 2011 Baťa - opening ceremony

Our photographers took photos of Baťa opening ceremony - department store Wenceslas Square.

09. 03. 2011 virtual-zoom on facebook
08. 03. 2011 virtual-tickets on facebook

Check out all the new approaching concerts on facebook:

08. 03. 2011 Hotel Astoria

The modern web format called the WEB 2011 using photosover the entire width of the monitor, which automatically adjusts your monitor resolution was given over to a client: www.hotelastoria.en

24. 02. 2011 New Office - Roznov pod Radhostem

Roznov pod Radhostem - Webdesign - virtual-zoom s.r.o.

In December 2010, we opened our new office at a picturesque city of Roznov pod Radhostem located in the amazing region called BESKYDY.

We chose our new office in Roznov pod Radhostem not only because this location is so interesting for tourism, but you will also find us nearby the city center in the very well-known Elektroprojekta Roznov pod Radhostem business centre.

From this office, we are offering complete web design services – web presentations, virtual catalogs, virtual tours, 3D objects, hosting services and consultation services.

The main goal of our new office is to help companies in the region of Roznov to have available the most modern web presentations, including the latest developments and trends in the internet world.

more info here

08. 02. 2011 Hotel U Zlatých Nůžek

The third and last web presentation of Empora hotels group was given over to a client. U Zlatých nůžek

20. 01. 2011 Alchymist Grand Hotel and Spa - tripadvisor winner!

After the last year's success of Hotel Residence Nosticova, the TripAdvisor users rated highly the hotel Alchymist Grand Hotel and Spa. Alchymist won the third place among the luxury hotels in the world! Congratulations!

20. 12. 2010 Alchymist Grand Hotel & Spa

The new website of luxury hotel was given over to a client:

For a mobile presentation:

13. 12. 2010 Hotel Alchymist Residence Nosticova

The new website of luxury hotel was given over to a client:

For a mobile presentation:

03. 12. 2010 First .mobi web

First .mobi web was given over to a client - Grand hotel Prague.

Advantages of .mobi web presentation:

  • compatible with almost all modern mobile phones (not only for smart phones)
  • web hosting available
  • compatible with CMS system zoom-driver
  • new tool for your internet bussiness

More info about .mobi presentation - click here.

From mobile phones:

01. 12. 2010 New branch at Rožnov pod Radhoštěm

New branch at Rožnov pod Radhoštěm is opened! Please contact us at click here for more information.

02. 11. 2010 virtual-tickets

virtual-tickets provides a full-fledged online service for ordering tickets for cultural performances in Prague and other cities in the Czech Republic. Order your tickets to theatres, dance clubs, musicals, concerts, operas or ballets online: or contact us at:

27. 10. 2010 Empora hotels

First website presentations of Empora hotels were given over to client: U zeleného hroznu: and Galerie Royale:

04. 10. 2010 Škoda cars

We are pleased to announce that we provided complete FSI software to our biggest company in car industry!

23. 09. 2010 New makro shopping list - wine

Online reservation of various types of wine for Horeca customers: makro_shopping_list_wine.

14. 09. 2010 New CMS zoom-driver version

This is a new version of licensed software for web editing, which was developed and is owned by our company. More tools and adds are available in comparison with the previous version:

  • possibility of adding flash presentations
  • SEO elements for individual section and language versions
  • administration of packages
  • user-policy

New plug-ins:

  • client database + emailing
  • newsletter - make your own newsletter
  • .mobi web - web presentations for mobile phones
  • virtual-tickets - aplication of online ticket booking system

Please, contact us for a free trial version:

25. 08. 2010 Open One web presentation

New website for Open One - company providing a complete solution for call centers and help desks in the Czech Republic!

02. 07. 2010 H&Hotels websites

All websites of H&Hotels chain were given over to the owner: Reference letter

21. 06. 2010 Hotel SuiteHome website

The website of ****hotel in Prague centre was given to the owner. Used slide switch technology for the main banner which allows administration of photographs from client side:

17. 05. 2010 Hotel Elysee Website

The first website from 11 of H&Hotels chain was given over to the owner: Hotel Elysee.

06. 05. 2010 virtual Květy
Magazine Květy and their publisher Samona Magazines started to use our zoom technology: e-kvety.
21. 04. 2010 zoomer version 2.0

New version of CMS zoomer for administration of your web pages now has:
- administration in the English language
- central management console on domain
- new file manager for uploading of images to gallery
For demo version be so kind and contact us on

04. 04. 2010 e-katalog Pietro Filipi - 300 DPI
e-catalog was produced from high resolution PDF (300 DPI). The zooming is possible to a high degree of details: women's clothing
26. 03. 2010 Silvini - new outdoor collection = new web!

Branded outdoor collection Silvini has new web pages that include CSM zoomer 1.5.

15. 02. 2010 CMS zoomer for Savoy Westend Karlovy Vary website

CMS zoomer 1.6 was used for c. 1000 sections of Hotel Savoy web

21. 01. 2010 Alchymist Residence Nosticova has won

Our client Hotel Alchymist Residence Nosticova has won in Travelers' Choice 2010 for Luxury Hotel - WORLD! Congratulations!

03. 12. 2009 Barytka

Web redesign of the pension Barytka in Špindlerův Mlýn: here

19. 11. 2009 Upgrade of Hotel Salvator web page
Upgrade of graphic layout and new on-line booking system. Hotel Salvator - Carlsbad.
22. 10. 2009 Exhibit of Horeca fair

Our restaurant MENU e-catalog won the first place in category Software and other technology equipment for Hotels on Horeca fair 2009 in Prague! virtual MENU here

30. 09. 2009 Hotel Aquapalace Praha
New hotel web Aquapalace Prague on-line: AQUAPALACE HOTEL
28. 07. 2009 My House Travel
New web site for travel agency My House Travel. My House Travel.
01. 07. 2009 FSI Server

Our partner company NeptuneLabs GmbH produced the next generation imaging server and on-line image management offering various publishing options. Sample.

09. 06. 2009 Casino Atrium web redesign
Redesign of web pages.
05. 05. 2009 Dedalo
New Dedalo (real estate) web pages.
01. 02. 2009 ecatalogues in FSI 5

Software FSI was upgraded to version 5. The main changes are in full screen mode view and thumbnails of the pages. It is more comfortable to work with the catalogs now. FSI 5 sample is here:

15. 12. 2008
29. 09. 2008
19. 09. 2008 Zlin virtual tour
Moravian town Zlin got a new virtual tour
01. 08. 2008 Cloud 9 - first true sky bar in Prague
Launched new web presentation of the new sky bar in the Hilton Prague.
18. 06. 2008 New web presentation launched.

We are pleased to have launched our new web presentation. We hope that you will appreciate its modern graphics and will use new ways of contacting us. Your virtual-zoom team!

01. 06. 2008 Respekt is our new client

The publishing house Respekt Publishing a.s. began to use the technology of virtual catalogues for its magazine.


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